Sulphuric acid recobery

Sulphuric acid recobery


This enables the elimination of aluminium dissolved in the anodized solutions continuously and automatically.

How it works

The operation of this equipment is based on the slow-down phenomenon that occurs with certain exchange resins. The anodized solution passes through the resin and the sulphuric acid is retained, while the aluminium and water are let through and then transferred to the treatment plant.

The resin is regenerated with mains water and a purified solution of sulphuric acid is obtained, which has the same concentration as the original anodizing bath.

Under normal working conditions, only 0.93 g of free sulphuric acid is discharged for each gram of aluminium eliminated.



  • Avoids the discharge of large volumes of expended anodized solution in the treatment plant.
  • Saves sulphuric acid in the process.
  • Reduces energy consumption in the anodizing process.
  • Minimal discharge of sulphuric acid in terms of the aluminium eliminated.